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BlightMass emerges as a potent force in the world of extreme music, fusing the dark energies of Blackened Death Metal from two distant lands, Tampa (Florida, U.S.A.) and Lyon (France). With an insatiable appetite for chaos and creativity, they draw their inspiration from the hallowed grounds of the Floridian and Swedish Death Metal scenes, seamlessly intertwining these influences with the sinister essence of Black Metal.

The band’s inception came to life with their debut album “Severed From Your Soul” which garnered attention in the metal scene in October 2019. In their relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, BlightMass has called upon two illustrious guest musicians to contribute to their dark symphonies. The former Death, Deicide, and Obituary guitarist, Ralph Santola, lent his formidable skills to the haunting track “They Will Listen to the Dead” infusing it with his signature virtuosity. The ranks of BlightMass were further strengthened by the presence of Olivier Gabriel, former Benighted guitarist, who brought his own electrifying touch to their cover of Carcass’ classic, “Black Star”. This blistering release paved the way for their momentous first tour in January/February 2020, where they unleashed their sonic onslaught on captivated audiences. The intensity and fervor of these live performances were immortalized in their scorching live album, aptly named “Blight of the Living” captured during the same tour.

Following the success of their debut and a series of dedicated touring, BlightMass continued to establish their presence as a promising force of the extreme metal realm. In September 2021, they unleashed their second opus, “Harbinger of Lucidity” a haunting testament to their musical growth and artistic maturity. Released under the label “Grave Embrace Records” the album showcased their mastery in crafting sonic nightmares that resonate deep within the listener’s soul.

As testament to their rising prominence, the LP versions of both “Severed From Your Soul” and “Harbinger of Lucidity” saw the light of day in 2022, drawing avid fans into a vinyl-clad abyss of auditory madness. The year 2023 witnessed the release of their live album “Blight of the Living” a commemoration of their electrifying performances and a testament to their unyielding dedication to their craft.

In their unyielding quest to push the boundaries of their sound, BlightMass has collaborated with none other than Gene Palubicki, the former Angelcorpse guitarist, on their latest creation. Together, they conjured a scorching two-track single called “Face in the Flames” showcasing Gene’s blistering guitar mastery.

Powerfully supported by the renowned label “Season of Mist” BlightMass continues their unholy crusade, delivering spine-chilling performances and leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Their dark symphonies and soul-searing intensity are sure to leave a lasting impression on the death metal scene.

Embrace the chaos, for BlightMass is here to beckon you into their nightmarish world, where the boundaries of mortal existence are torn asunder, and the macabre melodies of their Blackened Death Metal reign supreme.


Severed From Your Soul

Harbinger of Lucidity

Blight of the Living...

Band Members

Ronnie (doré)


JP (doré)


Jechael-BassVocals goldencrop


Vocals / Bass
Jack (live) (doré)