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Fates of Death


Lull Me To Larvae emerged from the swamps’ shadows of Tampa, Florida during the enigmatic autumn of 2003. United by a shared desire to craft an auditory experience solely for personal enjoyment, their humble beginnings were fueled by an inexplicable creative force that would ultimately redefine their existence.

“As we delved into the sonic abyss, a metamorphosis unfolded, birthing an atmospheric resonance that surpassed our initial expectations. The ethereal sounds we conjured not only resonated within our own beings but echoed mysteriously among our peers. The unexpected allure of our sonic manifestations prompted us to embark on an unforeseen journey – the evolution of Lull Me To Larvae.

In those early days, our artistic exploration became an esoteric communion with the shadows. Inspired by the macabre and the obscure, we wove a tapestry of dark ambient compositions that transcended traditional musical boundaries. The very fabric of our sound was interwoven with haunting melodies, haunting drones, and obscure whispers, each note dripping with the essence of our collective subconscious.

As we progressed, the tendrils of our music reached out to those attuned to the eerie and the mystical. A clandestine cult following began to form, drawn to the enigmatic aura that surrounded Lull Me To Larvae. It was not just music; it was an immersive journey into the depths of the human psyche, a descent into the unknown that resonated with those seeking solace within the shadows.

The clandestine nature of our sonic tapestries spurred us to hone our craft further. We refined our techniques, experimented with unconventional instruments, and pushed the boundaries of sound manipulation. The result was an evolving soundscape that echoed the darker corners of the mind, an auditory ritual that invited listeners to lose themselves in the haunting embrace of Lull Me To Larvae.

Now, in the present darkness, our journey continues. Lull Me To Larvae remains an ever-evolving entity, weaving a sonic spell that captivates and enthralls. As we navigate the obsidian realms of ambient music, we invite you to join us on this voyage into the shadows. Let the haunting melodies and enigmatic whispers of Lull Me To Larvae be your guide through the labyrinth of the unknown, where each note is a step deeper into the sublime abyss.”


Preservation of Madness

The Gloaming

Harpies, Harridans, Harlots & Harlequins

Band Members

Jechael-BassVocals goldencrop


Vocals / Guitars